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8 Most Trending Post-Pandemic Destinations To Fulfill Your Travel Desires Around The World

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Now that the international borders are slowly opening, travelers will be ready with their bags packed to see the world. After being quarantined for months, people have kept their wanderlust alive through window-shopping, looking for new destinations to visit after things get back to normal. Travelers are curiously waiting to book their tickets and leave behind all the stress and anxiety caused during this lockdown.

Most people are wishful to go places where they can relax on the beach or enjoy hiking. Whether you choose a mainstream destination or off-beat destinations, you have to be extra careful as the conditions are not the same as before. However, you and your family well-deserve to relax and enjoy your travel during new normal.

1. Thailand

The amazing fact about visiting Thailand is the tickets, and the cost of living is way cheaper than other places. This popular beach destination has several picturesque islands, lush forests, and embellished temples to enjoy and relax. Also, don't miss trying the mouth-smacking Thai food.

2. Italy

This go-to-destination is considered as the best places to travel after covid. Although Italy underwent a substantial swell due to the pandemic, the situation today is under control. However, the beautiful country is still maintaining some restrictions for tourists coming from Europe.

3. Mexico

Are you looking for an affordable place to enjoy yourself with your family? Come to Mexico and enjoy the beautiful beaches and nightlife. You can visit the magnificent Yucatan Peninsula while exploring the buzzing Mexico City to Oaxaca via Chiapas states.

4. The Maldives

For those who are working from home for months, it’s time to go to a dreamy island, "The Maldives." This tropical destination is the best place to travel in 2021. A relaxing time at the beautiful sea-facing resorts is all you would want this summer.

5. Turkey

As the currency gets weaker, Turkey becomes an affordable place to explore. With beautiful architecture, Turkey is sure a place that has won several travelers’ hearts. Enjoy Turkish delight and the special coffee with some fresh seafood as Turkey is the best place to travel after covid.

6. Indonesia

If the Maldives is not your cup of tea for being too expensive, you can experience the same at the most affordable beach site in Bali. With massive popularity, enjoy the rainforest to the savannahs and white sand beaches.

7. Japan

A country with vast history is worth visiting after the pandemic. Japan has come up with a brilliant program, offering tourist discounts and vouchers that cover a range of your travel expenses. While here you can visit places like Mountain Fuji, Ninja Museum, and so on.

8. Romania

Most people recommend touring at the tourist hubs like Paris and Venice in Europe. While many of us miss the magnificently beautiful Romania. When you are not a crowd lover and want to explore with peace, you must visit the spectacular Transylvania region, the painted monasteries, Peles castle, and many more, making Romania the best places to travel after covid.

We understand your excitement to travel as soon as the international borders open. However, the pandemic is sure not a thing to be taken carelessly and is not over yet. Even though you travel with utmost care and precautions, one must stay careful and follow the government's guidelines.


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